• Registration now open for EH818 The Built Environment: Design Solutions for Health, Fall 2008, Boston University School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health
    • Recent concerns about health and the environment have prompted a reconnection of public health with urban planning. This course examines how the built environment, including buildings, neighborhoods and metropolitan areas, impacts health. Issues covered include obesity, physical activity and mental health. Current and past polices and programs such as zoning, urban renewal, highway construction, new urbanism and smart growth are critiqued using the frameworks of health, architecture and planning. New tools, such as green building standards, health impact assessment and evidence based design are discussed. The goal is to understand how patterns of development influence health and how urban form can be modified to promote healthier living.
    • This four credit course will meet Wednesday evenings (6:00 – 8:45) from September 3 to December 17.
    • For more information, email ude.ub|zepoltpr#ude.ub|zepoltpr
    • Click here for access to Registrar's website
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